How To Get The Most Suitable Accountant For Your Limited Company


There are so many accountants out there seeking for jobs from businessmen, firms and other financial institutions. But how sure are you that all of them qualify for the same job? You may be having your own limited company which needs to have an accountant for its proper running. Before choosing the best accountant that fits your company Contractor Calculator, you have to show some kind of diligence and professionalism. Here are some tips to assist you.

  • Accreditations- This is a vital factor to look at when seeking for accountancy services. Go for an accredited accountant as you will be confident of his or her professionalism, compliance reliability, credibility and expertise. As the chief executive officer of that company, you become the director and responsible for all the operations being carried out in the limited company. If you gamble around and land on an incompetent accountant who at some point makes a terrible mistake along the business line, you will have yourself to blame when HMRC comes knocking. But, if you choose an accredited one, you can be sure of acquiring the best advice, quality services and more so, peace at work.
  • Fees- Your limited company accounting fees have to be fixed on a monthly basis. The fees should cover absolutely all administrative operations including VAT registration, tax authorities, annual accountants and PAYE administration. Your limited company accounting operations provider has to out rightly specify everything involved in the service box. Generally, you can acquire a full accounting service package for only 130 pounds monthly, where all operational headaches from the limited company can be carried out by the accountant, relieving you of all the stress related to accounting and concentrating more on ways to expand the company.
  • Service levels- Here concentrate more on the accountants’ standards. The accountants’ standards should not be at any point give room for queries at all costs. The merit of services offered by the accountant should be up to the expected levels of the company and the customers as a whole. Additionally, the accountant should be capable of carrying out any financial problems occurring in the company without ease and be ready to respond to any kind of questions you may raise. Here, age can be a factor towards excellence in your business. Go for the young qualified individuals who are still fresh and energetic.

  • Specialist industry information and knowledge- being specialists when it comes to limited business company, the accountant you choose should be able to offer adequate knowledge on topics such as IR35 an income shifting. The accountant should be well versed with other information that you may require as advice in future when questions arise in the business.
  • Recommendations- Last but not least, even though many limited company owners assume this factor, it can also be a leading factor towards getting the best accountant. It costs you nothing when you try getting to know the number of testimonials Umbrella Company Calculator, awards and how many they have. It gives you more confidence when choosing him or her as your accountant.